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Trader's Workshop

For more of my work, check out my blog.

Some of the best education in the biz is here: my massive, free trading course covering 30 hours of video and hundreds of pages of free pdf exercises.

If you're ready for day to day guidance, check out my companies MarketLife (video commentary on stocks, currencies, and options) and Talon (institutional research covering longer-term perspectives on stocks, currencies, and commodities).

Sep 21, 2018

Another of those "beginner's episodes" that isn't just for beginners--how to start climbing the mountain of technical analysis

Sep 19, 2018

Developing and evaluating your market sense and intuition

Sep 17, 2018

Those first steps in trading, and the key to getting experience: thoughts for a new trader

Sep 14, 2018

Thinking about what we can trade, how we can trade it, and why

Sep 11, 2018

How and why people believe some crazy things, and how you can guard against errors in your own thinking.